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June 1-2, 2016, New York City,
"Chair, Auditing and Assessing Your Program", PLI Corporate Compliance and Ethics Institute
September 25-28, 2016, Chicago,
"Leadership Workshop"; "Conflicts of Interest: Risks, Harms, Controls"; "C&E for JVs and subsidiaries", SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute
October 17-28, 2016, New York City,
"Co-Chairs", PLI Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop
November 28-29, 2016, San Francisco,
"Co-Chairs", PLI Advanced Compliance and Ethics Workshop
April 6, 2016, PLI Webinar,
"Presenters", Compliance and Ethics Program Assessments
June 1-2, 2015, New York, NY,
Chair, "Board Oversight and Program Structure," and "Risk Assessment", Compliance and Ethics Institute, Practicing Law Institute
March 17-20, 2015, Dallas, Texas,
"A View from the Edge: Exploring the Future of Ethics and Compliance", ECOA Annual Conference
May 15, 2015, New York City,
"Risk assessment, program assessment and behavioral ethics", SCCE Annual Upper NE Regional Conference
October 4-7, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada,
"Risk Management: Impact, Benchmarking, and Psychology; COI Risks: Business, Law, Compliance and Social Science", SCCE Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute
October 13-14, 2015, New York, NY,
Chair, "Compliance Program Auditing, Monitoring, Assessment and other Forms of Checking", Practising Law Institute
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